Quick-fire interview: Wayne Madsen

Wayne MadsenWayne Madsen is the second Derbyshire player to face Tim Groenewald’s quick-fire close season interview.

Find out more about the Derbyshire skipper spending his time coaching – but not the sport of cricket.

Also find out Wayne’s motivation for bulking up in the gym, which England fast bowler he’s looking forward to facing next season and why he’d like to see one of the world’s top tennis stars face the red ball.

 1.    What have you been up to since the season finished?

Italian holiday, coaching hockey, the odd presentation and enjoying a few out-of-season luxuries.

 2. Did you enjoy the experience of parading the trophy at Pride Park?

Yes and it was amazing to receive the honour from the Mayoress at the Civic Reception... plus the food was great.

 3. Bowler you want to dominate in the First Division next season?

Stephen Finn at Lords.

 4. Ground you’re most looking forward to playing at?


 5. A lot of time coming up in the Gym. Who is your ‘Gym Buddy’ and why?

Paul Borrington. We are both batters that stay clear of bowling. And we both have to strengthen up to clear the ropes more next year.

 6. Your guest slip cordon…you are keeper, choose any 4 people to keep you entertained for the day and why?

1st slip- Chris Martin. I enjoy his music with Coldplay. I could get him to roll out a few tunes.

2nd slip - Usain Bolt... I'd like to race him between overs. Keepers always get a head start!

3rd slip - Roger Federer... Inspirational athlete and I enjoy the way he goes about things. He'll keep us calm under pressure. 

4th slip - Michael McIntyre. For comedy value because I find him hilarious.

 7. Worst dressed team mate and why?

Tom Poynton, purely for his orange chinos!

 8. Best banter in the squad and why?

Ted McMinn. He just looks to cause trouble (humorous trouble) and the boys feed off his energy and Scottish wit!

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